Delegates of UNDIP has brought back a trophy as the third runner-up of Inspirative Vlog Competition and as the second runner-up of Scientific Journal Competition in the third Indonesian Library Science and Information Students Association Scientific Meet and Greet Event (Telminas HMPII). This event was held by University of Indonesia on October 28-31, 2018 and the theme taken was “Digital Literacy: Revolution of Ideas”. In this year’s event, there were three categories of competition, namely Scientific Journal, Inspirative Vlog, and Creative Poster Competition.

The delegates for the Scientific Journal Competition were Julia Dewi, Diah Melati, and Widiastuti; for the Inspirative Vlog Competition were Selyna Anggitia and Elvy Suprianingrum; and for the Creative Poster Competition was Nadzir Cahyo Utomo. Selyna said that she and her partners were  proud to represent Undip in a national level. “We feel so proud and grateful to be able to bring Library Science of UNDIP to the national level. I hope that this achievement can motivate our friends of Library Science of UNDIP to contribute to bringing the name of our department,” said Selyna. As a student in seventh semester, Nadzir Cahyo also added that her wanted to make his department proud of him before he completed his study. “If it’s not us who start it, who else will?” Nadzir Cahyo asserted.


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